Love is stupid

I know I can’t delete my memories with him, but I sure can try by deleting all the stuff we have of each other.

It’s really hard but I’m trying. I hate him so much, this is making cry. But I have to stay strong. And it’s not even because I think there’s no one else on this 7 BILLION people planet that I won’t find someone else, it’s because he lied to me. It’s because he wasted my precious time on this Earth. It’s because I really did like him. I would say love him but I don’t know what love is. But as far as I could tell what love was, that was it to me. But I know it wasn’t. It was just stupid puppy love. But even though it was, it still hurts. :(

It’s because he said “We have something special.” Which I knew was bull crap, but I’m just another fool for love. And for that, I hate myself. I hate him. I hate love. But I just gotta get over it. My fault. Myself to blame. I just wish it didn’t hurt so bad. I wish he hurt like me. And he says he “feels bad.” And THAT pisses me off the most. There’s so much he lied about. I would write it all but it’s too many messages and lies. I just want everyone to hate him. But I know that’s stupid. I’m stupid. I hate everything. And he said when it ended, “We both knew this day would come.” When HE’S THE ONE WHO SAID, “I’ll always have a place in my heart for you.” BULL CRAP! That pisses me off the most. And he told me JUST the day before, he loved me. I hate him. He makes ME feel stupid. I THOUGHT HE WAS TOO IMMATURE TO HURT ME. But I was sooooooooooo WRONG!

Basically, I’m just angry, hurt, emotional, and crying because it was all lies and a waste of time. And because HE liked ME first. Otherwise, I would NEVER HAVE LIKED HIM! Gah I just hate him so much, God please help me.