Misery loves company.

Misery loves company.

Every morning you have two choices:
Continue your sleep with dreaming,
or wake up and chase your dreams.
From now on I’m just gonna tag things under random words that don’t even go with it.
haha whoever’s little thumb haha cute :3

haha whoever’s little thumb haha cute :3

Love and loss

The saddest thing I can think of, is older people who have experienced life and love, know all about it, and don’t believe love lasts forever.
I lose hope. Then I think, they must have really suffered in love before to believe that love doesn’t last, that “true love” isn’t out there.
I think of all the divorces, all the miserable people that kill themselves over a broken heart, all the lonely people, and I lose hope. What makes me think there’s something out there for me? That’s what makes me think at night. That’s what makes me cry, that there’s no hope for humanity

This helped.

This helped.

I don’t like the life I’ve led.
I regret many things

When the worlds broken you into the deepest pieces,

you find the strength to fight.

Whether it’s hard or not.

You don’t quit on life

because life’s outcome is all on you.

So quitting on life

is quitting on yourself.

And God, because he gave you this life for a reason.

Oh no, I completely get it! How do you go from loving someone, to just wanting to be friends from one day to the next?
When life is depressing, and all you seem to look at is old photos, you put on the music.