My life right now. I don’t wanna be “best friends.”
I wanna be like we were when you first liked me. You left me when I liked you.

My life right now. I don’t wanna be “best friends.”

I wanna be like we were when you first liked me. You left me when I liked you.


Love is stupid

I know I can’t delete my memories with him, but I sure can try by deleting all the stuff we have of each other.

It’s really hard but I’m trying. I hate him so much, this is making cry. But I have to stay strong. And it’s not even because I think there’s no one else on this 7 BILLION people planet that I won’t find someone else, it’s because he lied to me. It’s because he wasted my precious time on this Earth. It’s because I really did like him. I would say love him but I don’t know what love is. But as far as I could tell what love was, that was it to me. But I know it wasn’t. It was just stupid puppy love. But even though it was, it still hurts. :(

It’s because he said “We have something special.” Which I knew was bull crap, but I’m just another fool for love. And for that, I hate myself. I hate him. I hate love. But I just gotta get over it. My fault. Myself to blame. I just wish it didn’t hurt so bad. I wish he hurt like me. And he says he “feels bad.” And THAT pisses me off the most. There’s so much he lied about. I would write it all but it’s too many messages and lies. I just want everyone to hate him. But I know that’s stupid. I’m stupid. I hate everything. And he said when it ended, “We both knew this day would come.” When HE’S THE ONE WHO SAID, “I’ll always have a place in my heart for you.” BULL CRAP! That pisses me off the most. And he told me JUST the day before, he loved me. I hate him. He makes ME feel stupid. I THOUGHT HE WAS TOO IMMATURE TO HURT ME. But I was sooooooooooo WRONG!

Basically, I’m just angry, hurt, emotional, and crying because it was all lies and a waste of time. And because HE liked ME first. Otherwise, I would NEVER HAVE LIKED HIM! Gah I just hate him so much, God please help me.

You never really cared.

I always liked this song, but now I can fully enjoy this song, because this is exactly how I’m feeling.

Oh no, I completely get it! How do you go from loving someone, to just wanting to be friends from one day to the next?

I just can’t get anything. He talks to my sister, and then tells her she’s pretty!

Hey, dude. I liked you, and I still find you attractive.


When I liked you had feelings for my best friend. Who actually now isn’t really my best friend..

I just can’t get a bone can I?

This is why I think I’m ugly.

But no one will give me an honest answer. Or maybe they do, I don’t know.

Well.. I feel awful about myself. I just have to face it, that I’m not that kind of girl that will get all those cute guys. I wont ever be as pretty, or have that body. So, unlike those pretty girls, I will have to work my way through life with smarts and struggle with all those guys that I will have crushes on and will never have them like me back like I like them. I will just have to settle with some guy I do not find attractive, and like him soley on his personality. Whish is what you should base on, but DAMN! Why can’t I get at least one cute guy?

One cute guy that really likes me, goes after me, and we have one special time. I’m not saying I want to fall in love and all that bull crap, but it would be nice to feel pretty because some guy, some CUTE guy, wants to date me and chases after me.

I never wanted stupid love.

I just hate you so much.

You put me through all kinds of unnecessary bull crap.

You don’t reply, you don’t try to talk to me,

you still talk to him even though I told you he made me cry,

you let your friends say all kinds of mean things about me or to me,

you’re breaking my heart and I’m hating you for it.

I don’t want love.

I’ve never wanted it.

Stupid boy, grow up.

Where do we go from here?

Ow ;c that kind of hurt.

You saying “I don’t know if I love you anymore.”

Maybe I do, or did, love you.

Because hearing that sure hurt.